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Hotel Sardus Pater
Fluminimaggiore - Italy
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The Hotel Sardus Pater dominates Lion Gulf, where you could find the beach of Portixeddu, the beach of Saint Nicolò and that one of Buggerru. They offer parkings, easy access to the beach and a lot of beach services. The beach, known for the beauty of the golden warm sand and for the color of the sea, is much extensive and wide; it offers, even if you have a stay in the month of August, the peace of one little crowded beach.

Lovers of cliffs and little coves could find beautiful pebbly beaches in Portixeddu: Su portu de sa Perdischedda and Su portu de sa Perdischedda Manna, both reachable by comfortable pave and stairway paths. Other coves are reachable by foot, where to practice the peach and amazing immersions.

Near the hotel you could visit the splendid fjord of Cala Domestica and the granitic Capo Pecora.

If you move from Portixeddu, you could visit Nebida and Masua and the Costa Verde beaches, as Scivu, Piscinas, etc.