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Hotel Sardus Pater
Fluminimaggiore - Italy
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Le restaurant offre une vue magnifique et panoramique sur la mer de Portixeddu, sur le golfe du Lion et sur ​​la vallée Flumini Mannu rivière. Il a une capacité de 130.

You could seat indoors, at the main air-conditioned restaurant hall, or outdoors, at the large veranda in front of the sea.

The restaurant is opened the public for the lunch and the dinner. It offers moreover wedding services, job lunches, banquets and other kind of restoration services. It's kindly requested to reserve by phone.

The restaurant boasts a long term in the field of the restoration: You could taste taste the Sardinian traditional cuisine (malloreddus alla campidanese, porceddu, sebadas), the sea-fish cuisine and the international standard cuisine .



Cuisine Specialities: fish soup, pasta with mussels, shellfish and crustaceans, roast and fried fish.


The restaurant comprises a bar and a confortable tv room. Other images: